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Things to Know Before Starting a Major Commercial Remodel

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Remodeling a commercial building is a huge undertaking for any property owner. In fact, it’s so huge that many businesses will only go through a major remodel once or twice in their lifetime. Renovating your office can be exciting for sure, but it can be a bit challenging too at the same time.

Research shows there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States, making such commercial property renovations a common occurrence. Nevertheless, even a small commercial building renovation can be a major ordeal.

It is extremely important to have an idea of the entire process before you dive into a commercial remodeling project. Proper preparation and working with a reliable Dallas remodeling contractor like our professionals at Monoxy is important.

If done the right way, a commercial renovation will deliver higher ROI (Return on Investment) along with improving the overall value of the property. Working carefully through the planning stages can help you make the most of this not-so-very often remodeling project.

Before you begin, make sure that your usual business operations are prepared for the coming changes; this will ensure that your sales and employee relations don’t suffer.

The first step to take before beginning a commercial remodeling is you need to familiarize yourself with your city and state building codes along with the certificate of occupancy, zoning laws, the current state of the property, property violations, and the neighborhood. This will make sure that you don’t face any hiccups later since some of these factors may prohibit certain kinds of remodeling. Some may even drastically increase the overall budget, while others may simply affect what needs to be done before the work begins.

Now that you have all other things taken care of, here are some tips that will make sure that your project runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Ask Your Employees Advice

Nobody is on the grounds more than your employees. They are probably the only ones who know the ins and outs of the office. Before you begin planning the renovation, we suggest you have an all-employee meeting. This will help you gain better insight for the remodeling since they not only understand the working experience but can also give you an idea of the customer experience.

Share this valuable insight with the construction company, it will help to develop the ideal remodeling plan for your workspace.

Remodel What’s Necessary

While planning, ask the construction company to carefully observe all the technical areas of your office. This mostly includes your plumbing, electrical system, pipes, and ductwork. There is a good chance that these areas won’t need any changes. It is also better to know if any of these areas need fixing since you’ll have to adjust that too in your budget.

This helps the builders plan out any necessary changes that need to be done. Professionals can always work around the areas that don’t need an upgrade.

Make sure your plan improves the use of space; it’s important for a business to optimize all the space they have. Redesigning of offices and cubicles are some ways a commercial renovation can free up space.


While planning a commercial remodeling, try to keep your timeline and deadlines as realistic as possible. There are chances that the project might take longer to complete than expected.

A commercial remodeling work will take up your time, your employees’ time and most importantly, the business’s time.

The process would be a lot faster if the business remains closed during this timeframe, but this might be unsatisfactory for your customers and also affect sales. The process will take longer to complete if you decide to keep the business running.


Always have a preset budget for your project. Everyone wants the best office, but you need to make sure you have a substantial amount to spend without emptying your pocket.

You can’t rely on ROI alone to pay for the expenses. Make sure you have cash in hand. This is why when you plan a remodeling, make sure you invest only invaluable areas of the project.

Choosing remodeling contractors

There are many remodeling contractors who are not professional or efficient in their work. While choosing a contractor, make sure they are a reputable company with a good commercial remodeling record like ours. You will need an experienced Dallas remodeling company that knows exactly how to design your office to bring out its maximum potential.

Need a Helping Hand?

Here at Monoxy, a team of professionals will be dedicated specifically to your project, taking care of all the required aspects of the assignment including all the documentation.

Finishing Work

Once the job is complete, we will do a final walk-through to discuss the final results and inform if there are any final touches that are yet to be done. This is where you should feel free to ask questions and raise any concerns, if any. It’s always better to ask questions or point out things that in any way bother you, so always speak up if you see anything that needs to be addressed.

Your commercial property remodeling should go smoothly if it is planned well and is executed by a team of professionals.

Visit or Call us today at (214) 436-3757 to schedule a consultation session. Whether it’s an extensive or just a small remodeling, our team of experts will take care of everything.


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